A Virtual Stella & Dot Shopping Event!!

August 6, 2020

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SO excited to offer my fellow Canadian friends (let me know if you'd be interested in a US version too?!) an exclusive Stella & Dot virtual shopping party. Yay!! The above prices are only available via my blog & virtual party link, and run through until August 14th. Also, in order to nab one (or two, or three) of these goodies... you'll need to spend $60 on a non-event exclusive item. Perfect time to nab a little something for yourself, or for a friend as a gift. Especially since, I'll only be offering this once or twice a year. I'm already eying a few pieces for my mom since it's her birthday in October, and these prices are just too good to pass up!!

Finally, Back To Regular Outfit Programming

July 14, 2020

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Hoops (US or CDN), Choker (US or CDN), Coin Pendant (US or CDN), H&M Bodysuit, Zara Jeggings, Bangle (US or CDN), Mini Tote (US or CDN), Old Navy Sandals

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for your sweet words on my new E-Boutique (visit my US or Canadian site), and I'm so appreciative of your orders!! It means so much and I feel so privileged to do what I do. I truly LOVE helping woman feel stylish, celebrated, and fabulous!! I'm excited to have found a new groove for 2020, and still have so much planned for my new Stella & Dot biz. But baby steps, I still have a ways to go with my mono recovery and definitely don't want to push it. But if I could, I'd happily work seven days a week. I honestly love my new gig that much!! 

BIG NEWS - It's Official!!

July 2, 2020

It's official, friends!! I'm sooo excited to announce I've joined the Stella & Dot fam (visit my US, or Canadian site) - and can't believe I'm now a S&D stylist / ambassador. I could not be more thrilled!! I absolutely love & believe in the brand so much and I'm ever thankful for the amazing positivity it has brought into my life, and my customers' lives too. With that said, I'd LOVE your support, and would love if you shared my US, or Canadian site with your fellow style & beauty loving friends + shop (of course)! With that said, here's a quick overview for you, gals. Plus, NOW is the time to shop. We're running our best promotion of the year!!

TGIF + An Announcement!!

June 26, 2020

Happy Friday, gals!! This post is part announcement, and part Friday faves, links and style finds. Let's start with the announcement first, yes?! Your gal is back at work, AND working with a new company no less. Yay!! Can't wait to officially let the cat out of the bag next week and share a little more. But in the meantime, let me tell ya, it's been such a breath of fresh air, and just the kind of positivity I needed in my life. It's my first time working this calendar year because of my battle with mononucleosis, and I'm hoping it's all good health news from here on in. And of course, more than ever, I'm making my health a priority, taking time out when I need it + learning to recharge my batteries. With that said, what's new with you, friends???

Chanel Wallet On Chain Caviar Review

June 18, 2020

As promised, I'm back, and finally sharing my thoughts on the Chanel WOC in caviar (yay - pinch me, I still can't believe she's mine). And in case you missed it?! You can see photos from the actual day here - ah, such a lovely and memorable experience. There really is something so special about adding such an iconic brand to your wardrobe, plus there's no better way to elevate an outfit. OK, let's get started - ready to spill my thoughts!

Looking Back, My Day At Chanel

June 15, 2020

Later this week, I'll be publishing a review of my Chanel Wallet On Chain (yay!) but before I do... I thought it be fun to walk down memory lane and share photos from the actual day. Ah, still remember it so well. The anticipation, the champagne, the excitement of making such an iconic purchase, and of course, getting to share it with my love. We had so much fun!! I started my day with a hair appointment, then we went to the Chanel boutique, walked around the nearby shops (I tried on the most stunning diamond at Tiffany & Co. Gah!), we relaxed at Laduree, and finished off with a lovely dinner at Notch 8 in Hotel Vancouver. I must admit, writing this, makes me realize how much I miss those simpler times, and indulgences.

5 Minute Face Essentials

June 8, 2020

Not the week I was hoping for... but happy to be popping on here for a bit of reprieve. I've been struggling through a complicated sinus infection, then managed to split my molar, now I'm awaiting several dental visits / surgeries (yes, I'm literally slapping my own forehead as I write this) and both my mother in law & husband are dealing with their own complex health struggles. It's been a week! Not to mention, the state of the world is weighing on all our shoulders. But here we are, life keeps moving whether we're prepared or not, and all any of us can do is take it day by day, and appreciate the good we have in front of us.

I'm Back. A Whole New Me!

May 18, 2020
Grey tee with mom jeans

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Tiny Gold Line Earrings, Tee Zara (bought last year, but love this one, and Madewell can't be beat), Levi's Wedgie Jeans

As I mentioned, on Instagram. Felt inspired, shot content. Might do it again, might not. Haha, the commitment phobia is real. But in my defence, the last five months have been tough! I've spent much of it in bed, running fevers, and barely able to swallow due to the worst throat pain. All thanks to a reactivated case of mononucleosis. So now, more than ever, I'm committed to putting my health first and striving for balance in my life. It's a whole new me!

How I Organize My Week

February 20, 2020

Hello, friends! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've been dealing with a horrible case of mono and have been very house / bed bound. It's been brutal! But this week, I'm trying to get myself back on some sort of schedule, and excited to see how it goes. I suspect, it'll be slowww! But in all honesty, I'm ready for slow, and ready to put my wellness & health at the top of my list. All too often, I push, and push, until I'm pretty much ready to collapse, and needless to say, it's starting to take a toll on my health and well being. Old lady problems, am I right?! ;)

My First Sugaring Experience!!

January 30, 2020

This past weekend, I had my first sugaring experience at Sugaring Change in Port Moody, and I loved it!! Chantelle, the owner, invited me down, and she's quite possibly the sweetest & most caring person I've ever met. She honestly made my first sugaring experience such a breeze, continually checked in (because I'm a big chicken after all, haha) and made sure I felt comfortable, and wasn't finding anything too painful, which I didn't. At all! If you're used to waxing?! This is a far cry from that and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised / a convert. I know I am!!

New Year, New Wishlist

January 21, 2020

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A new year definitely calls for a new wish list. And I must say, I absolutely love them!! It keeps me motivated to save, work hard, and sets a reminder to treat myself. On that note, lately I've been feeling a little bit guilty over my love of fashion because I never want to come across as too materialistic, or like that's all I have to offer, or worse yet, I'd hate to promote manic shopping culture. Thanks to Instagram and YouTube I've become all too aware of just how much people shop and consume, and considering the state of our planet, I find it very alarming. But at the same time, I do believe in treating myself for birthdays and other special occasions. What's your take?

Our Spa Day At Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

January 14, 2020

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Zara Coat (similar), Pashmina Scarf, American Eagle Jeans (they're the high rise style & the best), Madewell Tote, Old Navy Sneakers

Hello, friends. Happy 2020! So happy to be back, even though I'm currently writing this post while sipping on hot tea and fighting off a very lingering & unforgiving flu. But better days are to come, and in the meantime, I'm excited to be sharing our spa day at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. It was the perfect way to ring in the new year and I'm quite certain we'll be making this a yearly tradition. It was so nice!! Plus, I'd love to take you around our city a little more in 2020 and show you what we're up to. My love of Vancouver runs deep!! Have you visited before?...
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