This past weekend, I had my first sugaring experience at Sugaring Change in Port Moody, and I loved it!! Chantelle, the owner, invited me down, and she's quite possibly the sweetest & most caring person I've ever met. She honestly made my first sugaring experience such a breeze, continually checked in (because I'm a big chicken after all, haha) and made sure I felt comfortable, and wasn't finding anything too painful, which I didn't. At all! If you're used to waxing?! This is a far cry from that and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised / a convert. I know I am!!

While visiting this local gem, I learned so much about the sugaring process, and why Sugaring Change in Port Moody is the perfect spot for your service. Firstly, I love that the studio is body positive, gender neutral, and all products used are 100% natural. I also loved learning sugaring is safe for sensitive skin types (that's definitely me, and I had zero issues). Unlike wax, sugar paste doesn't require heating so it will never burn you, it's far more sanitary than waxing because it's individually portioned, and eco-friendly + biodegradable. Amazing, right?! If you're in the greater Vancouver area?! I'd highly recommend this studio, and best of all they're offering 20% off your first service with code: VERONIKA20