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A new year definitely calls for a new wish list. And I must say, I absolutely love them!! It keeps me motivated to save, work hard, and sets a reminder to treat myself. On that note, lately I've been feeling a little bit guilty over my love of fashion because I never want to come across as too materialistic, or like that's all I have to offer, or worse yet, I'd hate to promote manic shopping culture. Thanks to Instagram and YouTube I've become all too aware of just how much people shop and consume, and considering the state of our planet, I find it very alarming. But at the same time, I do believe in treating myself for birthdays and other special occasions. What's your take?

And speaking of birthdays?! This year, I'm excited to be heading back to Chanel (I last visited when I bought my wallet on chain last spring) and either purchase the classic Chanel double logo earrings, or the camila cardholder. Either way, I'll absolutely keep you posted! ;) I'm also very interested in trying the Chanel Hydra Beauty Masque - absolutely love the idea of an overnight mask to help hydrate & encourage glow. Plus, I'm so in love with the Valentino dupes, and the Celine dupes too, and I can't get enough of this puff sleeve sweater + this puff sleeve cardigan. What's on your wish list for 2020?!