I'm Back. A Whole New Me!

Grey tee with mom jeans

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As I mentioned, on Instagram. Felt inspired, shot content. Might do it again, might not. Haha, the commitment phobia is real. But in my defence, the last five months have been tough! I've spent much of it in bed, running fevers, and barely able to swallow due to the worst throat pain. All thanks to a reactivated case of mononucleosis. So now, more than ever, I'm committed to putting my health first and striving for balance in my life. It's a whole new me!

And the thing is, everyone's version of "balance" is unique to their own set of circumstances. As much as I want to go to all the blogger events, meet & schmooze all the people, and work my butt off on this space... that's just not my current life story, or where my health is at. Admitting that to myself has been incredibly hard, and a tough pill to swallow. For years, I've tried to act "normal," believing my body would just follow suit. But yeah, that hasn't worked out so well. Maybe I'll get there one day, maybe I won't, but that doesn't make my love of fashion or this space any less relevant.

So with that said, I hope I have your support, as I move forward with more honesty, less pressure and continue to dabble & discover myself in this space. Because it must be said, you guys are the best!! You've seen me through re-brands, the ups & downs of my life, and for that, I'm ever grateful. Thank you, and hope everyone's staying safe!! xo


  1. Loving seeing you pop back into this space, V! I think there's something wonderful about getting back into the traditional spirit of blogging, just posting when we feel like it's the right moment to do it and skipping it when we don't. (Not that I'm constitutionally capable of that myself but - I love the concept.) Here's hoping for more good days coming your way, however you decide to spend them. I'll be here reading along as always.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better! As for blog events and schmoozing, we're all in the same boat right now of avoiding in-person gatherings and putting our health first, so there's that.

  3. Hi, I think we take days as they come. No pressure, at the end it seems we cannot control anything anymore -
    If you have the inspiration go for it - hope you're all better now.