5 Minute Face Essentials

Not the week I was hoping for... but happy to be popping on here for a bit of reprieve. I've been struggling through a complicated sinus infection, then managed to split my molar, now I'm awaiting several dental visits / surgeries (yes, I'm literally slapping my own forehead as I write this) and both my mother in law & husband are dealing with their own complex health struggles. It's been a week! Not to mention, the state of the world is weighing on all our shoulders. But here we are, life keeps moving whether we're prepared or not, and all any of us can do is take it day by day, and appreciate the good we have in front of us.

So in an effort to lighten the mood, let's chat beauty and what I'm using to achieve the perfect 5 minute face. Here's a breakdown of my most beloved products in order of use:

Aveeno SPF 15 + Glossier Future Dew: I put a few drops of each product on the back of my hand, mix & apply. I love the glow + hydration from both and can't say enough about Glossier's Future Dew. I finally feel like that hip glowy girl and I'm here for it. Future Dew contains a blend of 4 nourishing oils, fruit extract (great for brightness) and sugarcane squalane which locks in moisture. If you'd like to try Glossier?! Follow my link for 10% off.

Brows: For my brows, I gently brush on Make Me Brow by Essence and then add more definition & fill in any empty areas with Nude by Nature's brow pencil. I love both and feel like the results are natural and perfectly sculpted.

Highlighter: I love to swipe Nude by Nature's highlighter stick on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, chin, and on my forehead. Then I blend lightly with my fingertips. The prettiest results! Which is no surprise considering it's an award winning product. Plus, love that Nude by Nature is 100% cruelty free, all natural and filled with ingredients to nourish your skin.

Lips: This is my first time trying Balm Dotcom and I see what all the fuss is about. I chose coconut which I love + it truly leaves my lips pillowy soft, and has the most perfect amount of sheen to finish off my glowy look. Quick tip, I also love using this product on my cuticles & nails - keeps them looking so healthy.

Soothing Face Mist: The perfect spritz to finish off my glowy look. Formulated with rosewater to soothe, aloe to hydrate, and glycerin to lock in moisture - it's the perfect product in my books.

And lastly, if I'm doing a face-time call or popping out, I'll usually do a quick swab of mascara on my top lashes too. And that's it! Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be sure to answer!! xo


  1. Always love seeing you pop up in this space, V! As far as a five minute face goes, well - it's far from my style, as you know ;) I'm all or nothing in every aspect of my life, make-up included. But you've got a product on this list that I absolutely adore - Glossier's Balm Dot Com. I have the coconut version as well and it's so good. I've actually discovered it can actually be a great spot treatment for acne, in addition to soothing dry skin and lips. So versatile! Sadly, I waited too long to try the sample of Future Dew that I got when I bought the other products I have - it separated, so I definitely didn't experience the full effects. Love reading your review, though. Happy Wednesday, my friend :)

  2. The Essence brow product is also my go to !