Chanel Wallet On Chain Caviar Review

As promised, I'm back, and finally sharing my thoughts on the Chanel WOC in caviar (yay - pinch me, I still can't believe she's mine). And in case you missed it?! You can see photos from the actual day here - ah, such a lovely and memorable experience. There really is something so special about adding such an iconic brand to your wardrobe, plus there's no better way to elevate an outfit. OK, let's get started - ready to spill my thoughts!

Price: I bought mine in the spring of 2019 and can't believe we've already seen two price increases since then. I purchased mine for $2,850 CAD, then later that year the price jumped to $3,150, and now we just saw another round of price increases (Chanel's biggest one yet), bringing the wallet on chain to $3,375. The only silver lining though, is a Chanel bag will always sell for more than your original purchase price - making it a viable investment and item to add to your wardrobe.

Caviar Leather: Knowing that I wanted a bag that would truly last, and would be worn often, I opted for caviar leather. And I'm so glad I did. I've already managed to drop mine several times, haha, darn champagne, and I'm quite certain lambskin would have scratched or had notable damage. However, mine is still gorgeous a year later, and looks good as new.

Dimensions: The Chanel WOC measures 12.3 × 19.2 × 3.5 cm and has ample storage. Plus, since it's technically a wallet, you don't need to add one, and that allows for plenty of space.

Compartments: This little beauty is packed with six card slots, which are incredibly handy. It has a middle compartment, a slot, a zippered pocket, an outside pouch in the front which gets covered when you close the flap, as well as an outside pocket on the back (love keeping my most used credit card there). And last but not least, the famous secret pocket, which is located on the inside flap and runs all the way down - the perfect spot to hide your passport or larger amounts of money, or love letters as the rumour goes as to why Coco Chanel included the secret pocket in the first place.

What's Inside My WOC: I keep my car fob, condo fob & key in the middle compartment along with my iPhone, a compact and lipstick. My credit cards are kept in the designated slots, and the outside back pocket holds my most used credit card. Receipts are kept in the zippered pocket, and that's about it. I could fit a little more, but I'd hate to stretch out my WOC, and it's honestly all I need when I'm heading out for coffee, or an evening dinner.

Overall Impressions: I'm absolutely in love with my WOC (if that's not already obvious, haha), and so glad I made the jump / investment when I did. I've been extremely happy with the quality, and feel good knowing that if anything goes wrong, Chanel would be quick to resolve any issues. I've thoroughly enjoyed all my experiences with their SA's and the customer service has been fantastic.

Let me know if you have any questions... and I'll be sure to answer in the comments section within a day! xo