Looking Back, My Day At Chanel

Later this week, I'll be publishing a review of my Chanel Wallet On Chain (yay!) but before I do... I thought it be fun to walk down memory lane and share photos from the actual day. Ah, still remember it so well. The anticipation, the champagne, the excitement of making such an iconic purchase, and of course, getting to share it with my love. We had so much fun!! I started my day with a hair appointment, then we went to the Chanel boutique, walked around the nearby shops (I tried on the most stunning diamond at Tiffany & Co. Gah!), we relaxed at Laduree, and finished off with a lovely dinner at Notch 8 in Hotel Vancouver. I must admit, writing this, makes me realize how much I miss those simpler times, and indulgences.

Later this July, I was hoping to either purchase a cardholder, or earrings from Chanel. You can see my wish-list here. But truth be told, I've decided to wait. I'm not eager to be in crowded spaces, especially as we continue to tackle Covid-19, and definitely, I want to do my part to flatten the curve. So this year, my birthday will consist of a quaint picnic in one of our favourite & secluded parks. Plus my sweetheart has assured me he's picked out a very special and meaningful gift. Can't wait to spend it with my hubby & our pup Scout, who will most certainly be trying to steal all the picnic things. Haha!! And what about you, friends, are you forging forward with luxury purchases? Or are you putting a pin in it as well?! xo

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  1. Ah, looking back on these photos brings back the loveliest memories from our brunch and shopping date last year. Still so sad we couldn't make it happen this year, but crossing my fingers for a visit sometime soon - one that we commemorate with Chanel purchases, naturally ;) So looking forward to reading your WOC review, it's really amazing how different every CHANEL piece is (and thus, how many you can justify adding to your collection. Who me, a CHANEL addict? Never lol.) Happy Thursday, my friend!