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Happy Friday, friends! Two new posts in under a week - I'm feeling proud!! And just to clarify, my radio silence is never a reflection of not loving this space - but rather it's been such a rough year. A year later, and I'm still battling my reactivated Mononucleosis. It's honestly SO crazy making, especially since I never know how I might feel on a given day. Somedays I feel normal, and other days, I feel like I've been hit by a truck and can barely get out of bed. But slowing down, focusing on self love & self care does seem to be making a difference, and I'm hoping my symptoms go into remission soon. I know I have a long road ahead, but baby steps, and lots of patience, and love, no matter what we're facing. Am I right?!

On a more fashion related note, yay, ModCloth! How I love thee this time of year!! And this year is no exception. I always find the cutest items & styles, plus it suits my vibe and my fave season so perfectly. For this fall, I'm really drawn to pretty sweaters paired with mom jeans & flats. Or dresses paired with cozy knits, and boots, or sneakers #dogmom life. What's your fave fall uniform, friends?! 

A Few More ModCloth Faves

Which pieces are your favourite? I'd love to know! Happy Fri-yay, everyone!