Happy Friday + A Life Catch Up

Thought I'd take a moment, plop in front of my computer and play a little life catch up. How is everyone?! Is 2020 the weirdest year or what? Not going to lie, it's been hella financially stressful too. We've been busy re-arranging our finances and trying to survive this difficult time. I'm still recovering from my mono a year later, oh man! But rest, supplements & paying attention to nutrition & upping my calories is helping a lot. Our days are pretty slow for the most part, we're home, trying to stay sane and I'm working a bit (content clients + Stella & Dot) which I'm so thankful for. Some days, when my energy is there, we're managing to get out for walks, going for relaxing drives, or taking our tea down to the ocean. Even though our plates are full & some days can be hella-stressful, there's still so much to be thankful for.

On a fun note, my shop is now holiday ready. Yay!! Here's a link to my online catalog (Canada, or US) and there's so many wonderful gift ideas & pre-made gift sets. Plus, when you text SHOPSD to 783552 for Canada you get 15% off your order. Or for my US fam, you'll want to text SHOPSD to 81019 to nab your 15% off. Let me know if you have any questions!! Hope to be back next week with a yummy recipe, like the yummiest thing I've made, possibly, ever! And one day there will be outfit posts again too. Just need to feel healthier! Anyway, happy Friday, friends! Sending all my love, good vibes, and hope you're surviving 2020 as best as you can!! We've got this, and on the days you feel like you don't... that's okay too. Right now, anything goes!

PS - My Disqus is back. My fave way to comment & keep up with your questions! Yay, all thanks to my snappy new blog layout. Oh happy day!! xo