Reboot & Pause

Dec 24, 2020

Hello friends, wanted to pop in before I hit the pause button and take time away from my blog & social media over the holidays. And boy, oh boy, do I need it! As I mentioned in my Insta post yesterday, I'm in desperate need of a reboot & pause. My reactivated case of mononucleosis has turned into a year long battle, and if I must be honest, I'm still on bedrest and absolutely heartbroken over it. It's been such a challenge, as you can imagine. But for now, I'm feeling the warm hug of the holidays and excited for my fave time of year in spite of all I'm going through. We've queued up our fave Christmas movies, and I'm ready to eat my weight in Xmas cookies & chocolate. Haha, who's with me?! But really, what a year it's been - am i right?! We've been stretched, probably had more meltdowns than we care to admit, and safe to say, we're all cheering for a better 2021. I'm crossing my fingers for good news globally, and better health for all of us!!

While I'm excited to go quiet, I'm also excited to come back to my blog & Insta in the new year. I'll definitely be changing my content around a little, and wanted to give you guys a heads up. Expect more curated shopping lists, luxury purchase covets & reviews, beauty, and the odd outfit thrown in too. Though for the outfit part, let's face it, it'll be me on a couch, make-up less, and with a hot cup of tea. God willing! Basically, I'm looking to take the pressure off, keep my photoshoots to under 5 minutes, and create content that is manageable while on bedrest. And while some might say, why don't you just scrap the blog all together V?! The truth is, I love the community, being creative, shopping (haha), and feeling a part of something. Because if I have to just resign myself to bedrest and hours of Netflix?! Well quite honestly, shoot me now. It's far too depressing!

Ok, I've gabbed enough. Happy Holidays, see you in 2021, if not a little sooner. And if you're the praying kind?! I'd love to get your prayers for my health & healing. Luv you guys!! xo

*image credit via the lovely Ashley Kane

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  1. Happy holidays, V! I hope you've enjoying a wonderful, quiet break with lots of online shopping adventures - based on our DM exchanges in the past few days, I'm thinking that you are ;) (Seriously dreaming of a Cartier watch again now, and contemplating what kind of work promotion I'd have to get before I could justify that expense, ha ha!) Wishing you and Martin all the best for a happy, healthy New Year. Here's hoping we finally get to have our champagne date in 2021!