Dec 31, 2021

Happy Holidays!

Since we're knee deep in moving boxes and our condo has minimal Christmas decor, I thought I'd share our Christmas photos from last year, which (whoops!) I somehow never got around to posting. Looking back though, these photos are definitely bitter sweet. We took these just a few months before Martin's mom passed away from cancer, and our fur baby was healthy & not nearing end of life. And of course, this year, also marks our final Christmas at our condo. It's held so many beautiful memories for us - but we're ready to close off one chapter and start a new one as we near 2022. Can't believe it'll be in a new home & town no less.

I'm a firm believer, that a move can be the re-boot we need to get a fresh start & new perspective. This will be our 3rd move in 12 years, and while I've had some comment on that being a lot... it feels right for us. We've been fortunate to build up our home equity in a very thriving real estate market, and we enjoy moving up the real estate ladder. Anyone else moving in the New Year?!

Wishing you all a peace & joy filled 2022!! You can see our past Christmas photos here & here! xo

Dec 24, 2021

December Diary

Oh hey, friends. How the heck is it Christmas Eve?! What a month it's been! Who's ready for a BIG life update?... We listed our condo mid December, did two days of showings, and bam, we sold 48 hours later. And we could not be more thankful! Especially since Martin & I have been keeping a secret... we BOUGHT a new home early December, and we're over the moon it all worked out. We bought a two year old townhouse (she's super farmhouse inspired) + we're moving to a historic town. My dream, always!

All the plaid, all the time! This year we didn't decorate our condo for Xmas because we're busy packing. But nothing pops of plaid, Christmas music and hot drinks can't solve. Am I right?! Also, I'm often asked about our plaid pillow - it's Pottery Barn FYI. This year, they added a sherpa backing & it's so darn cute!!

Eeeee, a quick snap from a day of touring open houses with our realtor, and the day we found our NEW HOME. I'm honestly still pinching myself! I'll be sure to share more pics of our home soon. I have both furnished photos from developer + empty photos of our home as well. Can't wait to have our own garage, a little yard, 10 foot ceilings + herringbone floors. We've wanted to move up from a condo to a townhouse for a couple years now & I'm so happy the timing was right!! 

If you follow me on my dedicated Instagram home account, then you know our poor Scouter is going through end stage renal failure, and is rapidly nearing end of life. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago, and even though I knew this day would come... nothing could have prepared me for it. I'm devastated! He's been with us for 16 years, and he's been by our side for so much. Love you forever, Scouter!!

A quick iPhone snap of our condo - can't believe we're already knee deep in boxes. We're moving in just five weeks, and I'm certain the time will fly. Who else likes to start packing early?! I typically like to be packed out one week prior, and live out of a suitcase / overnight bag - that way I can relax & feel like I'm ahead of the game, and cut down on my stress! 

Ha, apparently moving & stress-eating chocolate go hand-in-hand! ;) Has anyone tried the new (or perhaps they're just new to me) peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces?! OMG, they're SOOOOO good!! If you haven't... I highly recommend!

Dec 3, 2021

We're Buying A Home!

Breaking my blog radio silence (proper catch-up coming soon) to let you know we're buying a new home. We have loved & lived in our 2 bed & 2 bath condo for the past six years, and it's been the BEST! But we're ready for a little yard, our own garage, and a front porch for the important things - like pumpkins ;) oooh, and trick or treaters. Have missed that sooo much!

But alas, also trying not to get my hopes up. The market is absolutely crazy right now! Homes are closing wayyy over asking & competition is fierce - it's definitely a sellers market. We feel a little nervous purchasing now, to be honest, but we're also ready for change + we love the new area we're looking to move to. It's about 20 minutes from our current condo, and I love the country vibes & setting. Red barns, sprawling fields, beautiful trails, but only a 15 minute walk from the cutest village/shops. Wish us luck, friends! And of course, I'll be sure to keep you posted via the blog & my home Insta account - so be sure to follow along there!! xo

May 27, 2021

May Diary

It's been a minute since I've popped in, but it feels great to be checking in & saying hi. Our weather has been getting SO warm, and summer feels so close I can taste it. We've been spending weekends out on our deck. Or, we've been heading out for a day of picnicking & exploring. It's been great! I also started a new Instagram account and plan on retiring my other one for now. If you feel so inclined? I'd love to have you follow - I'm still sharing my outfits, everyday life, and a little more on my new biz & online shop. The main reason I've been quiet on here! 
We're still spending most of our days at home with this little nugget. Unlike the US, the vaccine rollout is much slower in Canada, and we're delaying seconded doses by 16 weeks. Martin received his first dose in May, and I'm getting mine in June. Second doses will be later this summer, and then fully re-opening first week of September. Oh my gosh, not sure what I'll do first. Hug my parents, visit a coffee shop, see a friend?? Ahh, I can't wait. What about you?!
Our neighbourhood is lush and in bloom. I love this time of year! Early morning & after dinner walks are my favourite, and I feel like it does so much for my mental health, and overall well being.
Is it just me, or does food taste infinitely better outside? We celebrated Martin's birthday this past weekend with yummy vegan pizza, and a simple but very delicious salad. It was our fave meal of the season, and the perfect way to celebrate Martin's b-day! 
And for good measure, a photo of our home from earlier this month. While I feature our home on my Insta stories often, I'm realizing I rarely do so here. I'm also realizing, that wow, I did not take many personal photos in May - absolutely need to change that. With that said, I'll see you in June with a "June Diary" post & more photos. Yay, can't wait! xo

Apr 6, 2021

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, and I'm SO here for it. The sunshine, and longer days are giving me life! Ok, on to important business first! Here's a link to MY TOP - it's the cutest & on sale. Plus, say hello to the most perfect weekend bag (US link or CAD link here). It's absolutely one to love, and I know you'll LOVE it too. You can choose different strap colours, or un-clip the straps and hold the handles for an evening bag look. Be sure to peek, the adorable lining is worth it alone!! 

Other than that, this month, I've been slowing down my blog & Insta life so I can focus on growing my jewelry & clean skincare biz. Yay! I started with Stella & Dot last year, and while it's been a challenging year thanks to my health (oh, mono!), my business has continued to be such a bright light, and the reason I jump out of bed every morning. With that said, I recently started an Insta page for my biz and I'd LOVE your support & follow over there. And if you're looking for gorgeous & affordable accessories to help spruce up your wardrobe? Or, clean & clinical skincare? Then you'll love my S&D shop! Ok friends, be back soon with more #reallife outfits, because Covid life, and dog mom life. Have a great week!! xo

Outfit Details:

ModCloth Sweater (love & on sale), ModCloth High Rise Leggings, Stella & Dot Crossbody bag (US link, or CAD), Old Navy Sneakers

Mar 4, 2021

A Snowy Adventure Day

Yay. Finally! I was soooo excited to get a snowy adventure day! I've had these photos sitting in my brain for months - waiting, and waiting, for snow! And the weather gods finally delivered. We started the day with hot coffees, a visit to the ocean & an old-timey museum, and then headed to the forest for photos. It was perfect! And I had such a good health day that day too. Double yay! On the fashion front?! I recently added this Madewell beanie to my closet and I'm obsessed. As you can see, it's super cute & super cozy! But, I will say... while I absolutely had a blast giving one last nod to winter, I'm definitely counting down to spring and mild weather. Who's with me?!

This month & the last, I bought several adorable ModCloth items and I'm ready to rock them in all their un-layered glory. Come on' weather - am I right?! And if you'd like to peek at what I'm buying... head over to my shop page! I've been really good about updating as I buy new things. Go, me. Haha! Other than that, I'm excited for a Skype date with my bestie, Coco & Vera, tomorrow, and then it's the weekend, baby! Any fun plans? What's everyone up to?! xo

Outfit Details:

Madewell Pom-Pom Beanie, Zara Puffer Jacket (similar), Thrifted Grey Hoodie (similar), c/o Tradlands (similar), American Eagle Skinnies, Hunter Boots

Feb 25, 2021

My Wedding Vow Renewal Ring

I'm SO excited to finally be posting my vow renewal ring. It was honestly the most amazing & thoughtful surprise! And although I just might be biased - I'm convinced it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!! I especially adore that it's filled with so much love, thought and sentiment. The centre stone is an ethically mined Oregon Sunstone and changes from a pink / red in low evening light, and shows more peachy / nude in the daylight. Just like the sun! It's also surrounded by ethically mined diamonds and set in yellow gold. And love that when Martin read our vows, he wove the meaning of the ring into it as a way to commemorate the day and remind us of the vows we made. I mean, seriously, so dang romantic!

Now, and forevermore... I'm reminded of the light & love that surrounds our marriage and the beautiful growth we've had over the past twenty years. We've come so far! Thanks so much for joining me, and following along with our wedding vow renewal. Excited to be back next week with an outfit post + the prettiest snowy photos. See you then and have a great rest of the week! xo

Feb 16, 2021

Our Wedding Vow Renewal

While we kept our day simple in many ways (aside from Martin surprising me with the most beautiful ring), our day was rich in meaning, brimming with love, and honestly surpassed all my expectations. Our love has deepened so much over this past year and it feels as though we're starting new & fresh, and more in love than ever. I'm so thankful for that! And so grateful & proud of the wonderful man Martin strives to be. Relationships undoubtedly take work - but it's worth all the bumps when you know you're growing stronger & stronger, and make a great team. Excited to share a little bit of our day with you! 

We started our vow renewal on Saturday and planned a nice chill day at home. It was perfect! The sun was pouring in, we lit candles and played soft piano music in the background. We both wrote & read our vows, we cried, we laughed, and Martin surprised me with a ring to commemorate the day. It absolutely took my breath away and I can't wait to share more on the ring he chose in next week's blog post. Yay! I then set up an indoor picnic for us, we munched, talked & talked, snuggled, and it was wonderful!

The next day, we headed down to the ocean for our finale and lucked out with warm weather, and managed to find a quiet & private nook for ourselves. Martin shared two of his favourite bible versus on marriage, and we decided to write down what we're letting go of in our lives & relationship. Just as we were about to let our tiny pieces of torn paper fall into the ocean... a gentle wind gust came and swept it off our palms. We watched as our papers fluttered in the wind, before falling into the ocean and get carried away. It was so magical, symbolic, and felt like a new chapter. Unencumbered by the past, and full of hope for the future! Thanks for letting me share my day with you friends - means so much!! xo

Outfit Details:

Feb 2, 2021

Renewing Our Wedding Vows

This year, Martin & I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary, and 23 years of togetherness. Holy moly! And I could not be more excited to be renewing our wedding vows later this month. It's been a difficult year thanks to Covid, but it's also been a year that has cut life's distractions and allowed Martin & I to strengthen and grow our relationship in such wonderful ways. We've had countless heart-to-hearts, and really hunkered down to learn each others communication style. We're also currently doing the Alpha Marriage course and it's been such a fabulous addition to all we've been learning! 2020 is the year we deepened our love, started to work together as a team, and we're creating a marriage we're both incredibly proud of. Our marriage & bond has always been great, but unfortunately, poor communication habits have a way of eroding and distracting us from truly appreciating the person we're with. I'm so grateful for all we've learned!

So naturally, what better way to celebrate than with a vow renewal! We've decided to do a quiet ceremony with just the two of us, then we'll enjoy refreshments & a picnic (I'm spreading out fur blankets, all the pillows, and lighting a million candles) and then for part two of our ceremony we'll be heading down to the ocean the next morning. Yay! Have you renewed your vows? If so, I'd love to hear about it! I'll definitely try to take a few pictures along the way and share them with you. We're also planning on vow renewal photos with a photographer later this year, and to take a mini moon once it's safe to do so. If there's one thing this past year has taught me... it's to celebrate, all you can, whenever you can! xo

Photography by Veronika Novotny