Happy 2021, friends. Cheers!

A quickie post to wish you a very Happy New Year, friends! I think we're all rooting for glimmers of hope in 2021 and a return to normalcy. These days, I'm missing warmer weather and socially distanced visits outside with family. It's hard! But aside from the challenges, my hubby & I decided to celebrate New Year's Eve at home and make the most of it. I wore a festive dress, sipped Perrier and went to bed for ten. Ha! Clearly, my inner granny was out in all her glory. How did you ring in the New Year?! Judging by my Instagram we either drank with our spouse, roommate, or alone. But aside from the challenges, I'm still counting my blessings and toasting life as it is. Because after all, it's the life we currently have and staying optimistic makes everything a whole lot easier. Cheers to a slightly better 2021!! xo

PS - My dress is from Zara, but sold out. If you're looking for something similar?! I'd definitely recommend this beauty!


  1. Here's hoping 2021 proves to be at least marginally better than 2020! I rang in the New Year with a little Zoom "party" with a few close friends - it was a strange way to wrap up the year but weirdly fun.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Happy new year! I love your dress!

    xx Chelsea

  3. Happy New Year, V! Drinking alone sums up my NYE - Ian was at work until late, so I sat at home with my mini bottle of prosecco and box of chocolates. Could have been worse, if I'm honest ;) Although here's hoping that at some point in 2021, we can celebrate with people who don't live with us! And, in the event that's not possible, to many more dressed up Skype dates!

  4. Love the Dress V:) here’s hoping to a better 2021,