Rocky Point Park

Jan 26, 2021

This is my first time coming to the pier to take outfit photos in winter, and I'm obsessed. The moody vibes are definitely working for me. And gah, can I just say how wonderful it is to be back on the blog?? My health has a long way to go, granted, but having a space to show up for is doing wonders for my mental health. Even though my fatigue continues to be a constant struggle! Anyway, enough on that. I'm sure you guys don't come here to listen to my health woes. On a brighter note, and like insert all the confetti & champagne emoji's, Martin & I are renewing our wedding vows in February and I can not wait!! It's been quite the year, besides the pandemic, and this is the perfect way to sweeten all we've been through! 
As for my outfit?! This is pretty much my uniform these days. Last year, I was wearing all the fancy clothes, starting to work in a more corporate setting, and now my life couldn't look more different. All of a sudden... I'm left wondering, does my blog name Curated Wardrobe, still make sense? But I suppose it does! I still love my small & meaningful wardrobe - I just had fancier plans for my outfits when I launched the rebrand. Haha! But here we are, comfy, cozy & really not mad about it.


  1. That's really exciting that you're doing a vow renewal - I've always wanted to do that but never seem to get past the stage of just thinking about it.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Such a simple outfit but SO chic! Love the setting, too- makes a stunning backdrop!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Love the see sight! That always lift my spirit. Just follow your hear!

  4. Such gorgeous pics and wonderful news about your vows. Anne xxx

  5. I love this outfit--classic pieces always work! And you are so right about that scenery, it is absolutely gorgeous! Renewing your wedding vows sounds like fun!