May Diary

It's been a minute since I've popped in, but it feels great to be checking in & saying hi. Our weather has been getting SO warm, and summer feels so close I can taste it. We've been spending weekends out on our deck. Or, we've been heading out for a day of picnicking & exploring. It's been great! I also started a new Instagram account and plan on retiring my other one for now. If you feel so inclined? I'd love to have you follow - I'm still sharing my outfits, everyday life, and a little more on my new biz & online shop. The main reason I've been quiet on here! 
We're still spending most of our days at home with this little nugget. Unlike the US, the vaccine rollout is much slower in Canada, and we're delaying seconded doses by 16 weeks. Martin received his first dose in May, and I'm getting mine in June. Second doses will be later this summer, and then fully re-opening first week of September. Oh my gosh, not sure what I'll do first. Hug my parents, visit a coffee shop, see a friend?? Ahh, I can't wait. What about you?!
Our neighbourhood is lush and in bloom. I love this time of year! Early morning & after dinner walks are my favourite, and I feel like it does so much for my mental health, and overall well being.
Is it just me, or does food taste infinitely better outside? We celebrated Martin's birthday this past weekend with yummy vegan pizza, and a simple but very delicious salad. It was our fave meal of the season, and the perfect way to celebrate Martin's b-day! 
And for good measure, a photo of our home from earlier this month. While I feature our home on my Insta stories often, I'm realizing I rarely do so here. I'm also realizing, that wow, I did not take many personal photos in May - absolutely need to change that. With that said, I'll see you in June with a "June Diary" post & more photos. Yay, can't wait! xo


  1. I'm in theory getting my second dose sometime in August and am beyond excited! Your home also looks incredibly beautiful, BTW.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Oh my goodness, second doses - cannot wait! My need to escape and get back to some sense of normalcy is very, very real. But in the meantime, I'm just over here collecting all the clothes so I can wear them when that finally happens ;) Currently trying to decide if I should break some of them out for our chat this afternoon, or go with an old standby summer outfit. I guess it will be a surprise for both of us, ha ha. Chat soon!

  3. Being outside is really good for the soul. Taking in warmth and sunlight, makes you remember why we need summer so badly. Hope your June (and July) are going well.