Catch My Insta Live On IGTV

Jul 29, 2021

Sorry for the screen-cap, it just dawned on me I should have taken a photo. Lol! How's everyone's summer been so far?? I'm finally going for my second vaccine dose this Monday, and couldn't be more excited for more normalicy & life!! And also, your gal went live on IGTV / Instagram - yayyy! I will not lie, I was nervous at first - but in the end, I had sooo much fun! When it comes to style?!! It's become quite clear, gabbing is far too easy!

In fact, I'm hoping to start doing a lot more IGTV and featuring everything from what I eat in a day to my beauty & make-up routine, style tips, and of course, feature new collections from my Stella & Dot shop as they come up. So if you're a video fan?? Be sure to follow my NEW Instagram account so you don't miss out. I just filmed my night time beauty routine, and then, I'll be sharing all about my Birthday gift. Spoiler alert, my DREAM RING!! You won't want to miss out. Trust me!! ;)

PS - let me know what's new with you in the comments section, or if you have any video requests. I'd love to put that together for you!! xo

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