December Diary

Dec 24, 2021

Oh hey, friends. How the heck is it Christmas Eve?! What a month it's been! Who's ready for a BIG life update?... We listed our condo mid December, did two days of showings, and bam, we sold 48 hours later. And we could not be more thankful! Especially since Martin & I have been keeping a secret... we BOUGHT a new home early December, and we're over the moon it all worked out. We bought a two year old townhouse (she's super farmhouse inspired) + we're moving to a historic town. My dream, always!

All the plaid, all the time! This year we didn't decorate our condo for Xmas because we're busy packing. But nothing pops of plaid, Christmas music and hot drinks can't solve. Am I right?! Also, I'm often asked about our plaid pillow - it's Pottery Barn FYI. This year, they added a sherpa backing & it's so darn cute!!

Eeeee, a quick snap from a day of touring open houses with our realtor, and the day we found our NEW HOME. I'm honestly still pinching myself! I'll be sure to share more pics of our home soon. I have both furnished photos from developer + empty photos of our home as well. Can't wait to have our own garage, a little yard, 10 foot ceilings + herringbone floors. We've wanted to move up from a condo to a townhouse for a couple years now & I'm so happy the timing was right!! 

If you follow me on my dedicated Instagram home account, then you know our poor Scouter is going through end stage renal failure, and is rapidly nearing end of life. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago, and even though I knew this day would come... nothing could have prepared me for it. I'm devastated! He's been with us for 16 years, and he's been by our side for so much. Love you forever, Scouter!!

A quick iPhone snap of our condo - can't believe we're already knee deep in boxes. We're moving in just five weeks, and I'm certain the time will fly. Who else likes to start packing early?! I typically like to be packed out one week prior, and live out of a suitcase / overnight bag - that way I can relax & feel like I'm ahead of the game, and cut down on my stress! 

Ha, apparently moving & stress-eating chocolate go hand-in-hand! ;) Has anyone tried the new (or perhaps they're just new to me) peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces?! OMG, they're SOOOOO good!! If you haven't... I highly recommend!

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  1. I won't lie, my big takeaway from this was that there are peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces and that is obviously something I need in my life! Ha ha ;) Then again, I guess I did get most of these updates personally. So excited to see how your new home comes together in the new year! Especially next holiday season. The red front door will just be so charming. Happy holidays to you and Martin!