Coveting All Things Chanel

I recently headed to the Chanel store with my bestie and managed to get zero photos of the bags or shoes. Haha, whoops! Proof we were too wrapped up in the moment, and having the best time. But, fret not, I'm heading back later this September and can't wait to preview / share the new collections with you. In the meantime, here's a peek at a few items (or similar items) I saw in store which are officially on my "coveting list"... she getting long. Haha!

All of the slingback ballet flats absolutely won my heart. If you love the look too, but not the price... ASOS has a gorgeous Chanel slingback dupe. The tote bags were also next level, and if I could, I would have snagged them all. In particular, I fell for their denim tote and while I'm usually not into the denim look - this one was quilted & perfect. The cardigans were also incredible, the fit was perfectly slouchy, the cashmere was oh-so soft and the custom made buttons were just... so high fashion and exactly why I'm obsessed with the brand. On that note, I'll be back with an unboxing of what I bought, and if you haven't read my "Day at Chanel" post when I bought my Chanel wallet on chain, you can do so here!! xo

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  1. Okay, this made me laugh out loud - because when I got home, I had the exact same thought! We were in the Chanel boutique for all that time, how on earth do I have no photos of shoes or bags? Or even the pieces we tried on?! Clearly, we were having way too much fun to get distracted by anything like taking photos. Even if we can't share what we were looking at, I have so many very good memories from that day (including camel velvet Boy bag - ooh la la.) Can't wait to see what pieces you'll be shopping for in September! Another pair of shoes, plus all the bags, are still very much on my list ;)