EVER Facial Oil Review and How To Use It

What is it: A stunning & sumptuous overnight facial cellular renewal oil.

Key ingredients: Uniquely formulated to combine clinically proven tetrapeptide and a potent form of Retinol in a nourishing base of botanical oils and omega 3 fatty acids. 

How I use it: I use mine on a clean face, in the evening only, and typically add 2-3 drops to my night time moisturizer. It honestly feels heavenly!

Overall impressions: I've been using mine for just a little over 6 months (just about to finish my first bottle), and I've honestly been blown away. My skin has never looked better, which is saying a lot since I'm well into my 40's. And no, I've never had botox, or fillers, because someone always asks. Haha! I do however, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and great skincare. As for my overall impressions?! I would say my fine lines have visibly lessened, my skin tone is more even & looks fresher, and firmer too.

Where to buy: EVER products are available online, they're backed by a full money-back guarantee, and FREE SHIPPING when you spend over $125.

Price: $90 USD. 

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  1. You know that this facial oil and I have had our differences ;) But now that I've sorted out a way to use it that works for me, I'm a big fan. It's such a lovely, luxe once weekly addition to my skincare routine and while my poor skin suffers from stress more than anything else (and no product can make stress go away, if only) I do notice that this seems to keep my skin on an even keel, at least, in spite of everything I put it through. Very excited to see where I'm at when I finish my first bottle!