May 20, 2022

Our New Home Walk Through

Hellooo, oh gosh I've missed you guys! We're officially in our NEW HOME, and I'm still having a pinch me moment! So in love with our 10 foot ceilings, open floor plan, griege kitchen, black hardware, and gorgeous herringbone floors. We're slowly making this space our own + making a few more furniture decisions & trying to settle in. I'm equally as excited about the area, and so happy we decided to jump. We've moved to a historic town, and we live right in the heart of downtown. Surrounded by the cutest shops, cafe's & restaurants, and it's all less than a minute walk away.

For the kitchen, we're ordering a custom counter height table / island, and in the centre of the room we're adding a white tulip table, plus a custom built shelving unit in the inset wall beside the fridge. Then, for the living room... we'll be using most of our current furniture, but adding shelves around our white Ikea Hemnes TV unit. We're also working with an interior designer to help pull it all together, and make our home, feel like a home. Can not wait!

The upstairs has two bedrooms, and a jack & jill bathroom. For the main bedroom, I'd like to go for a more lux feel and wallpaper our ensuite bathroom a lovely warm grey textured textile, and we've purchased a gorgeous white velvet tufted bed frame. Yay! Then our second bedroom (which overlooks historic downtown) will be used as an office. I'm thinking of going for a slight cape cod feel with a gallery wall, touches of jute, and pops of navy. And while our main floor has 10 foot ceilings, our upstairs has 9 foot ceilings which still feels really lovely & open.

Then finally, we've zipped back down to the first floor / entrance way. We have a bathroom & shower on that floor too, along with our laundry room and garage. We hope to finish the garage and add a mini gym as well as a storage system. Basically, there are a lot of projects we want to undertake over the next year, and I'm sure it will take time. Honestly, no rush! And after that, I don't want to move for a really, really, long time. Haha! ;) 

Jan 20, 2022

What I'm Buying In 2022


For my 2022 style wish list... I'm keeping things simple, classic and comfortable. Honestly, this year is looking very quiet for us and I need my wardrobe to match. We'll be in our new home, spending our weekends going for walks & grabbing coffee, or getting settled / decorating our new space. So, leggings, a black turtleneck, a few great coats, and flats it is. Or, if I'm feeling fancy - a great pair of cropped high waisted jeans. LOL! 

A few items, I'm especially excited about, and want to highlight are... the Madewell leggings, they're currently on sale (if you're an xxs you're in luck) - they're honestly the best leggings you will EVER own! J.Crew's best selling coat is also deeply discounted and such a beautiful wardrobe staple. This cable knit cardigan is perfect with high rise denim for a weekend coffee, or Skype date. Also, I've had my eye on a pair of Margaux flats forever, and I'm excited to add a pair to my wardrobe. They're insanely comfortable, and oh so beautiful. What do you have your eye on for 2022, friends?! I'd love to know! 

Jan 10, 2022

My 2022 Intentions

Each year, I tend to set lofty goals for my personal, and professional life. However, this year... I'm ready to slow down & hone in on what's most important to me, and truly discover what fills my cup. It's easy to look to others and feel like we "should" do this, or that, but I've come to realize that happiness & personal goals are an individual thing. And while we can look to others for inspiration, our path will ultimately be unique, and very much our own. With that said, here's what I'm working on for 2022!

CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE I LOVE - Currently, I don't love my morning routine. I'd like to make time for meditation, yoga, a hot shower, and then get dressed for my day. I feel like it will help with both my productivity, and overall well being. I'd love to know - do you currently have a set morning routine? Or do you just wing it... 

WORK ON MY BLOG EACH DAY - I'd love to commit 30 minutes of each day to my blog & new Instagram account A City Farmhouse. While my blog used to be a large part of my income, now I'd love to treat it more as a personal journal / passion project. However, should that bring a little side income in the future?... I would not say no. But that's definitely not my focus anymore. 

INTENTIONAL EATING - I've become a little more calorie conscious in the past year and I've had a hard time not calorie counting, and I honestly don't love it. So, I'd like to switch over to a more intentional eating mindset. The goal is to listen to my body and eat what I'm craving. Some nights that might be a light salad with scallops, or a gluten free pasta dish. Basically, I'd like to be less stuck in my ways.

SLEEP - Once we're settled in our new home (eeep, still can't believe we're moving!) - I'm eager to work on my sleep hygiene. I'd love to go to bed early, take an epsom salt bath, read & drink my sleepy time tea. Haha, I sound like such an old lady. But totally here for it! ;)

DAILY WALKS - My family doctor mentioned she's started going on daily walks before work and it's helped with her energy significantly. I loved hearing that because I've been feeling so tired & drained lately. So, I'd love to start doing the same + what better way to explore our new town & neighbourhood than going on a daily morning walk. Really excited for this one, and better health overall! 

What are your goals/intentions for 2022, friends?!

Dec 31, 2021

Happy Holidays!

Since we're knee deep in moving boxes and our condo has minimal Christmas decor, I thought I'd share our Christmas photos from last year, which (whoops!) I somehow never got around to posting. Looking back though, these photos are definitely bitter sweet. We took these just a few months before Martin's mom passed away from cancer, and our fur baby was healthy & not nearing end of life. And of course, this year, also marks our final Christmas at our condo. It's held so many beautiful memories for us - but we're ready to close off one chapter and start a new one as we near 2022. Can't believe it'll be in a new home & town no less.

I'm a firm believer, that a move can be the re-boot we need to get a fresh start & new perspective. This will be our 3rd move in 12 years, and while I've had some comment on that being a lot... it feels right for us. We've been fortunate to build up our home equity in a very thriving real estate market, and we enjoy moving up the real estate ladder. Anyone else moving in the New Year?!

Wishing you all a peace & joy filled 2022!! You can see our past Christmas photos here & here! xo

Dec 24, 2021

December Diary

Oh hey, friends. How the heck is it Christmas Eve?! What a month it's been! Who's ready for a BIG life update?... We listed our condo mid December, did two days of showings, and bam, we sold 48 hours later. And we could not be more thankful! Especially since Martin & I have been keeping a secret... we BOUGHT a new home early December, and we're over the moon it all worked out. We bought a two year old townhouse (she's super farmhouse inspired) + we're moving to a historic town. My dream, always!

All the plaid, all the time! This year we didn't decorate our condo for Xmas because we're busy packing. But nothing pops of plaid, Christmas music and hot drinks can't solve. Am I right?! Also, I'm often asked about our plaid pillow - it's Pottery Barn FYI. This year, they added a sherpa backing & it's so darn cute!!

Eeeee, a quick snap from a day of touring open houses with our realtor, and the day we found our NEW HOME. I'm honestly still pinching myself! I'll be sure to share more pics of our home soon. I have both furnished photos from developer + empty photos of our home as well. Can't wait to have our own garage, a little yard, 10 foot ceilings + herringbone floors. We've wanted to move up from a condo to a townhouse for a couple years now & I'm so happy the timing was right!! 

If you follow me on my dedicated Instagram home account, then you know our poor Scouter is going through end stage renal failure, and is rapidly nearing end of life. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago, and even though I knew this day would come... nothing could have prepared me for it. I'm devastated! He's been with us for 16 years, and he's been by our side for so much. Love you forever, Scouter!!

A quick iPhone snap of our condo - can't believe we're already knee deep in boxes. We're moving in just five weeks, and I'm certain the time will fly. Who else likes to start packing early?! I typically like to be packed out one week prior, and live out of a suitcase / overnight bag - that way I can relax & feel like I'm ahead of the game, and cut down on my stress! 

Ha, apparently moving & stress-eating chocolate go hand-in-hand! ;) Has anyone tried the new (or perhaps they're just new to me) peanut butter cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces?! OMG, they're SOOOOO good!! If you haven't... I highly recommend!

Dec 3, 2021

We're Buying A Home!

Breaking my blog radio silence (proper catch-up coming soon) to let you know we're buying a new home. We have loved & lived in our 2 bed & 2 bath condo for the past six years, and it's been the BEST! But we're ready for a little yard, our own garage, and a front porch for the important things - like pumpkins ;) oooh, and trick or treaters. Have missed that sooo much!

But alas, also trying not to get my hopes up. The market is absolutely crazy right now! Homes are closing wayyy over asking & competition is fierce - it's definitely a sellers market. We feel a little nervous purchasing now, to be honest, but we're also ready for change + we love the new area we're looking to move to. It's about 20 minutes from our current condo, and I love the country vibes & setting. Red barns, sprawling fields, beautiful trails, but only a 15 minute walk from the cutest village/shops. Wish us luck, friends! And of course, I'll be sure to keep you posted via the blog & my home Insta account - so be sure to follow along there!! xo